Stereo Terror: Dead United – X Part II Horror Hymns

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Space Rape
2) Cosmic Ball
3) Call Of The Dead
4) Underworld Cats
5) Curse Of The Mummified
6) Tomb Of Dr. Horror
7) Bug Attack
8) We Are The Fiends
9) Tentacles
10) Zombie Radio
11) Zombie Girl
12) Chainsaw
13) Features Of The Night
14) Be Afraid Of The Night
15) Spook Rendezvous At Midnight
16) Underworld Cats (Alternative Version)

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Deadhouse Exclusive: Early Details On Shock Stock 2016 & The Film Festival

For those who have known me for some time, many will know of my love of a little horror con in my hometown that started in 2011 called Shock Stock. Put together by two of the greatest scumbags (it’s a term of endearment) on the face of the Earth, Shock Stock had a bit of a rocky start with low attendance the first year. Not to be deterred, the two figureheads of the event, and two guys I am proud to call friends, Jake Grimbro and James Bialkowski, soldiered on and now Shock Stock is considered one of the greatest horror cons in all of Canada, and certainly the greasiest! I am privileged to be able to release some information about the forthcoming 2016 edition, as well as details on how you can submit your films for consideration for the Shock Stock Film Festival!

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